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Handy Finance Motorcycle Loan Calculator

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The interest rate and repayment amount are estimates only and are based on the information you have provided. Your actual interest rate and repayment amount may be different. Terms and conditions, fees and charges and eligibility and lending criteria apply.
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The interest rate and repayment amount are estimates only and are based on the information you have provided. Your actual interest rate and repayment amount may be different. Terms and conditions, fees and charges and eligibility and lending criteria apply.

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4 Years
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This is based on weekly payments of $2,000 for 7 years, at 6.3% interest. Click below to begin a finance application.

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4 Quick and Easy Steps to Securing Your Motorcycle Loan Pre-approval

Take a pre-approval with you for your next purchase

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Apply online

Complete your application online. Submit all of the required documentation.
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Get pre-approval

Our dedicated team will come back to you within hours and provide you with the amount best suited for your needs.

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Think about when and how to make the most out of your loan – we’ll hold your funds for up to 3 months.
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When you are ready to get started, settle your loan within as little as 24 hours.
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Removing barriers for what you need

Get approval in minutes to purchase what you need today.

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    We’re committed to giving you the best and taking the stress out of borrowing, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

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    Handy’s fees are completely transparent, giving you complete control over your finances.

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    Simple and Flexible

    Repay your loan however is best for you – weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for up to 7 years.

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    Quick Applications

    An application process entirely online, with pre-approval in minutes.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply?

  • Must be over 18 years
  • Australian Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen
  • Must receive employment income
  • Must be for consumer use only

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A quote won’t impact your credit score

Handy Guide

Understanding motorcycle loan calculator at Handy Finance

Handy Guide

Benefits of a motorbike finance calculator

Using the motorcycle loan calculator has several advantages. You can easily form a picture of your financial situation before applying for a loan. It will give you a more solid indication of your borrowing power and an insightful look into the financial commitment you are considering. 

Knowing your repayments will allow you to set a budget, too. As repayments are based on how much you borrow, you’ll be able to see if you can afford a higher-end motorcycle or if you need to look at something in the budget range. 

How to use the motorcycle loan calculator

We’ve designed the Handy Finance Motorcycle Loan Calculator to be simple and easy to use. All you need to do is plug in the required information to receive an estimated weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment, along with an estimated interest rate and comparison rate.

Before you begin, it’s good to know the ideal loan term, loan amount and the repayment frequency you’d like. You will also need to input your credit rating (excellent, very good, average, low), as when you apply for your loan, it will also be a determining factor in the final terms you’re offered. 

Once you’ve entered your details, you can view your estimated borrowing power – adjust the inputs to see how different loan amounts or credit ratings may affect your estimated repayments and interest rate.

What’s next once I’ve used the motorbike finance calculator?

The motorbike finance calculator is a great tool for finding out whether a motorcycle loan is the right choice for you. With it, you can better estimate your buying power, helping you set a budget and hone in on the right motorcycle options for you. 

Once you know what loan amount suits you best and what repayment schedule you want to follow, it’s time to apply. The online application process takes only a few minutes and can provide a more precise idea of what your loan terms may be. Our credit experts will send through a personalised quote, including an indicative rate, based on your submission. If your application is approved, you’ll receive the funds in your nominated bank account in as little as 24 hours.

What type of motorcycle is right for me?

That all depends on your financial situation! If you’ve used the motorcycle loan repayment calculator, you’ll have figured out how much money you can comfortably borrow for your motorcycle. This will be a great help in deciding on your purchasing budget. With a budget, you’ll be able to focus on realistic options, such as whether your bike is new or used, what brands you should consider, and what additional features or accessories you may or may not need on your motorcycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding motorcycle finance

Our caravan loan calculators provide you with an estimate of what your repayments will look like, depending on the information you input. It should only be considered a guide rather than hard loan terms you’ll secure when you officially apply for your loan. For a personalised quote, consider filling out an application form.

Calculating finance terms

Motorcycle loans have been designed to fund the purchase of a new or secondhand motorbike. You can avoid the stress of a large upfront payment by applying for motorcycle finance and having the luxury of paying off the loan over regular, manageable instalments. 

At Handy Finance, we offer secured motorcycle loans of up to $75,000 to be repaid over one to seven years. All of our motorcycle loans have fixed interest rates, which means your repayments – whether you choose to pay them weekly, fortnightly or monthly – will remain the same over the lifetime of the loan. This can be a huge help with budgeting. Our credit experts tailor your final loan terms to your financial situation. A major benefit of a motorcycle loan is having the ability to pay off the cost of a new or used motorcycle in manageable instalments, removing a large element of financial stress.

We only offer secured motorcycle loans at Handy Finance. This means that the motorcycle you purchase with your loan acts as security for the loan. This applies whether the motorbike you purchase is brand new or secondhand. Generally, secured motorcycle loans come with a lower interest rate, making secured motorbike loans a popular option. 

An unsecured loan means that the bike you purchase won’t act as security for the loan. This can sometimes result in a higher interest rate for the loan as it’s a riskier option for a lender.

Credit experts calculate the interest rate for any motorcycle loan based on your overall financial situation. This includes factors like your credit history, credit score, employment status, living situation and existing debts.

Applying for and managing your loan

This will always depend on your personal circumstances. Going through an authorised online financial provider is always a good idea, as you are protected by certain laws and regulations when applying for your loan. Sometimes dealer financing won’t offer you the same advantages as a car loan. Financing may only be available for new cars, or you may be unable to make extra repayments. It’s also common for dealers to use balloon payments in their financing.   

At Handy Finance, we focus on providing you with fast, flexible and fair finance. With low fixed interest rates and affordable repayment terms, our loans are tailored to your financial situation.

Loan repayment and terms

We believe in flexible financing at Handy Finance, so if you can pay off your motorcycle loan early, we won’t stop you. There is a $0 early repayment fee on all motorcycle loans.

Motorcycle loans can be repaid in monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. As all our loans offer a fixed interest rate, this repayment sum will remain the same over the lifetime of your loan. If you need to adjust the repayment schedule of your loan – all you need to do is contact one of our friendly credit experts to let them know you’d like to change. They’ll be able to confirm the new repayment schedule with you and what your new repayment sum will be.

Insurance and legal requirements

You do need motorcycle insurance if you own and ride a bike. It is illegal to ride your motorcycle in Australia without compulsory third-party insurance. This insurance is not required before you’ve purchased your bike, so proof of insurance is not needed for your motorcycle loan application. In some states, compulsory third-party insurance is included when registering your bike. If you are using your motorcycle, you must purchase the CTP insurance before registering the bike. 

Read carefully the terms and conditions of any third-party policies you take out, as these policies don’t always cover damage to your bike or damage your bike does to another property. Further insurance may be necessary for some riders.